Our staff is trained in therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises and are qualified to provide nutritional, dietary and lifestyle counseling.

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine
Chris Michalak, LAc, Dipl, OM

Chiropractic Care
Paul Levy, DC 

Mary Ann Monahan, Psy.D, LCPC

Family Practice
Alexander Hugh, MD

Sharon Devita, DN

At Bridgeport Pain Control, our patients always get our full attention and receive excellent care as our team works intelligently to get them better as proficiently as possible.


If you love our staff and services, why not work for us? We are looking for a dedicated and caring CHIROPRACTOR to join our growing team.

Chiropractor's job would be to perform a series of manual adjustments to the spine, or other articulations of the body, to correct the musculoskeletal system. Evaluate the functioning of the neuromuscular skeletal system and the spine using systems of chiropractic diagnosis. Diagnose health problems by reviewing patients' health and medical histories, questioning, observing and examining patients, and interpreting x-rays. Maintain accurate case histories of patients. Obtain and record patients' medical histories. Advise patients about recommended courses of treatment. Consult with and refer patients to appropriate health practitioners when necessary. Analyze x-rays to locate the sources of patients' difficulties and to rule out fractures or diseases as sources of problems. Counsel patients about nutrition, exercise, sleeping habits, stress management, and other matters. Arrange for diagnostic x-rays to be taken. Work hours will vary during the clinic's open hours but will be 40 hours a week. Requirements: Applicants must have a Doctor of Chiropractic and state license.

All qualified applicants should send resumes to: 735 W. 35th St. Chicago, IL. 60616.

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